Welcome to the Sadlemire Metal Custom Design & Installations

Sadlemire Metal Custom Designs and Installations is an architectural custom metal company that provides the highest quality services and metal engineering solutions for both the commercial and residential markets. Specializing in Metal Architectural Installations such as Luxury Staircases, Artistic Hand Rails and Railings, Ornamental Entrance Gates and Unique Monumental Sculptures.

With over 25 years of experience, this art form of working with steel and aluminum is mesmerizing.  Materials that are so cold, unbending, rigid and unforgiving, until they are made to appear fluid and graceful in the talented hands of metal artist and sculptor Robert Sadlemire. Through his many years of trial and error, not only has he been able to master bending steel but to curl and weave it, bringing the metals to a new level of inspirational functional art.

Renown Artist, Builder, Sculptor and Robert Sadlemire has been honored to  featured in many fine publications such as the Prestigious Robb Reports Exceptional Properties Magazine. Click on our New and Articles to view more.

“Combining form and function is my passion, engineering the two  into a breath taking final form of sculptural statement is the goal”

Custom Designs:

We work personally with each individual client, designer and architect to discover the aesthetics and goals for the project. This on going creative exchange ensures a finished work that fulfills the desired aspirations of the client and represents a unique artistic vision.

Impeccably Handcrafted:

No exceptions – No imitations! All Sadlemire metal works are custom made, impeccably crafted, one of a kind works of art.

Quality Materials:

Using only top quality materials along with our professional installers, safety within the structure is essential priority, while structural integrity ensures a life time of beauty.

Artist Statement

“My goal as an Artist, Designer and Builder is to deliver a unique custom product to the commercial businesses and residential home owner alike. Creating products that are marked by artistic integrity, quality construction and craftsmanship and above all else fine art to last a lifetime.”

Robert Sadlemire