Newest Sculpture Entitled "The Journey"

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   This sculpture entitled “The Journey” is a visual symbol reflecting the collective efforts of the individuals working together objectively to save an endangered species. Expressing the desire to insure the survival of this majestic beloved world traveler is my intent.The mechanical process and freedom of forming ridged metal into a representational image that appears to be in floating in motion; to inspire and evoke thoughts is my objective in this art statement. As a metal artist and fabricator, form and motion has been an obsession through out my processes over the years. I have had a long time interest and curiosity in inventing my own machines, allowing me to take something as hard and cold as metal and turn it into a soft and fluid almost seemingly impossible work of art. As if frozen in time, this sculpture will stand as a tribute and an inspirational symbol of love for all those who have helped in the sea turtles journey and its survival!

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